Hello this is my first blog and im new at this but i will try.I am going to start out by talking about my first motorized thing i owned. I was first introduced to things that go varoom at about 8 years old my mom and dad got me a single seat 5hp go cart. I went everywhere in it up and down the streets in our neighborhood and all through the woods around our East Texas home. I just loved the smell of the gas and oil and the raw power it had. Every little kid around the neighborhood had some kind of dirt bike,go cart or three wheeler. It was a good time in my life nothing to do but to get up go to school and ride ride ride and be free. One of my most favorite things to do was to ride on the old tennis courts that no one played on anymore aftter a fresh rain. It would puddle up and if you got a running start you could get going in circles on the old go cart.Wow what a memeory. If your interested in things that go varoom as much as i am you can visit our website where we sell all kinds of aftermarket parts for ATV's,MOTORCYCLES and UTV's at WWW.DDATVINC.WEEBLY.COM or you can go straight to our ebay store at http://stores.ebay.com/D-D-ATV-PARTS-INC .I will be adding more posts about other atv's i have owned in the past soon.Thanks for reading .Ron.


    My name is Ron C. and i am co owner of D & D ATV PARTS INC.I have owned fixed and raced atvs and anything that spits fire and smoke all my life and at 35 years old i am having fun selling these parts that i know all about.


    July 2010